Software Development

I write software… lots of it.

All open source, and all awesome. These are the projects I contribute to or have contributed to in the past.  For one reason or another I’ve seemed to focus on server side software so far. Perhaps that will change someday… or perhaps I’ll move onto something else entirely.

Pacemaker : The high availability resource manager that runs the world

HA resource-agents :  The resource management scripts Pacemaker uses to manage the world

Libqb – A library that provides insanely fast IPC and other client/server related features.

PHD – One click cluster deployments. This project defines and automates HA cluster deployments making everyone’s life just a little bit easier 😀

Asterisk – A telephony and communications framework for building…. well anything related to telephony and video conferencing.  Most commonly this project is used as a platform for PBXs deployed in small to medium sized businesses.